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group of 4 or more

Our First Class signature custom spray tan.

With a group of 4 or more of  your best friends, you each get discounted tans! Services must be provided at the same location.

Can be combined with our Honeymoon package!



wedding package

Our Priority, quickest setting custom spray tan, perfect for convenience just in time for your big day.

Includes 2 on location tans, (one trial a few weeks before, and one right before your BIG day!). We also leave you with an exfoliating mitt for any tan touch ups. 



prom package

Our classic custom spray tan using our signature, parent approved tanning solution


With a group of 3 or more teen tans at the same location, everyone receives special discounted pricing. Looking the best at prom couldn't be easier and affordable!




with every tan

Each of our customized spray tans comes with additional added comforts. Included in these prices are an optional PH spray before your tan and shimmer glow setting powder to speed drying and alleviate any spray tan stickiness throughout the setting process.

Having trouble matching your makeup to your tan, maybe you want your legs a teeny bit darker? Feel free to explain any way we can make your tan tailored to you.

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